SCM player skins татьяна

today im gonna get really drunk with a bottle of martini


i dont think so but i put my photos on my snapchat (rarely but i do) if you want to you can add me my snap is kaczorowska

i think about all the times i could tell how much you loved me and i forget all the times you treated me like trash. i think about how happy you made me when you were around me and i forget all the times you made me cry. i think about how amazing you are and i forget that youre a dumbass. i miss you baecause i forget why i shouldnt.

im a mess and i dont deserve you but i love you endlessly so please forgive me for my behavior

after you decided to remove me from your life its not okay for you to come back every once in a while to remind me youre still around and youre doing just fine without me

i love you yuri

Timestamp: 1409327700

i love you yuri